Dodge Final Name Challenger hints at a sub 9 sec 1/4th mile time, 215 mph high pace

Dodge has simply launched one other teaser video. This time, the automobile maker has hinted on the quarter mile time and the highest pace of the Final Name Dodge Challenger. The numbers are revealed by way of a video that wants one to do some calculations.

What does the teaser video reveal?

That is the fourth video launched by Dodge regarding the Final Name Dodge Challenger. This time, the title of the video could be very clear. Scream @ 215 mph might imply just one factor – the automobile’s high pace. Nonetheless, that’s the simple bit. The video itself incorporates numbers like 105, 3.02, 2.98 and 1,582. There may be additionally a leprechaun that’s screaming into an anemometer.

Deciphering the numbers within the teaser video

Let’s begin with 105. This might suggest a 105 octane ranking. Whereas the common pump has 85-87 octane ranking, 105 is fairly frequent on the planet of racing. This might trace that the Dodge Challenger might work with increased octane gasoline as nicely. Increased grade gasoline equals extra energy.

The three.02 and a couple of.98 positive fairly cryptic on their very own. Nonetheless, a number of them and the result’s 8.9996. In automobile converse, this quantity might solely counsel one factor – 1 / 4 mile time. A sub 9-second time could be nice on the automobile, however will not be an unimaginable quantity. Probably the most highly effective Dodge Challenger might positively do it.

Lastly, we now have 1,582. This might imply horsepower. If that’s the case, then the Dodge Challenger may very well be one of the crucial highly effective vehicles on the market. Nonetheless, in line with Dodge, this quantity is the reply to blowing within the wind. Now, blowing within the wind refers to air, and for a automobile, this might imply airflow to the engine. The Dodge Challenger might have a most airflow of 1,582 CFM (cubic toes per min). In reference, the 2018 Dodge Challenger Demon has a 1,150 CFM. Therefore, the determine will not be too far off. Extra CFM means increased energy.

Final Name Dodge Challenger reveal date

Within the teaser, we will see that 105 @ 8.9996 = 1,532. Does this imply that the Dodge Challenger will do 1 / 4 mile in below 9 seconds when utilizing 105 octane gasoline? As of now we will solely guess, however the remaining particulars could be revealed by March 20, 2023 in Las Vegas. This will even be the final Hemi-powered Dodge Challenger.